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Technology Grants Provide Clickers, Learning Resources for Classrooms

The Turning Foundation, NBC Learn, and Turning Technologies have chosen 10 recipients for the Spring 2011 Classroom Improvement Technology Grant.

According to information released by the foundation, the purpose of the grant was to "help educators develop 21st century classrooms and improve achievement by providing technology and professional development tools from multiple, industry-leading companies. By assembling a package of technology-based classroom programs, we hope to improve achievement and the overall success of students and teachers in the classroom."

The 10 winners will each receive a one-year NBC LEARN K-12 subscription for their entire building and a 32-seat radio frequency student response system from Turning Technologies. The response systems include TurningPoint and TurningPoint AnyWhere software, ResponseCard RF-based keypads with LCD screens, a USB-based response RF receiver, a QuestionPoint 2 question bank, a customized carrying case, and tech support.

Teachers were asked to apply for the grants by filling out a form, answering some technology-related questions, and pledging to submit a one-page summary of the classroom implementation of the award after the 2011-2012 school year.

This year's winners are:

Turning Technologies Founder and CEO Mike Broderick said, "Since our company's inception, our goal has been to bring student response systems to the classroom and support student learning.  We understood the power of real time data both as an engagement tactic and as an instructional tool.  Combining our technology with the incredible content from NBC Learn is truly an exciting solution for today’s classrooms, and Turning is thrilled to be a long term partner in the Classroom Improvement Technology Grant."

More information on the Classroom Improvement Technology Grant is available at

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