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Lexia Releases New Version of Reading Curriculum

Lexia has unveiled version 8.0 of its technology-based reading curriculum for grades preK through 12.

The program, called Lexia Reading 8.0, is able to predict what a student’s performance will be at year’s end, and on grade-level assessments, and recommends a course of action to improve the student’s performance, according to a prepared statement released by the Boston-based company.

The software is intended to boost reading skills for students in grades preK through 4, and speed up learning for at-risk children in grades 4 through 12.

“On a frequent and ongoing basis, educators will see which students need a greater intensity of instruction to finish the year at benchmark, and which students are ready for more challenging and advanced material,” said Nick Gaehde, president and CEO, in a prepared statement.

Key features of the software include:

  • An individually adjusted program for each student based on skill level;
  • Lexia's Assessment Without Testing technology, which provides data on skill gaps and a percentage chance of the student reaching his/her goal;
  • Strategies and lesson plans for teachers to help each student improve; and
  • An iPhone app, which lets administrators and teachers check student performance via mobile device.

Version 8.0 also offers seven lessons for SMART and Promethean boards that focus on the most difficult reading skills.

Further information about Lexia Learning can be found here.

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