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AVer Information Unveils Interactive Wireless Pens

The AP20s student pen set
The AP20s student pen set

AVer Information has released its AP20t and AP20s Student Pack, interactive pens that use 2.4 GHz wireless technology.

The devices allow the instructor to control the cursor, open files, or scroll through documents by pressing down on the pen's tip. They also allow for marking up of documents and presentations with one's own handwriting. Other features include the ability to add an image from an AVer document camera, and directly connect the AP20t to the document camera, and annotate on images without a computer.

In addition, the AP20t, the model designed specifically for teachers, offers:

  • A range of 50 feet from the USB receiver;
  • Mac OS X and Windows compatibility;
  • Support for various surface types without the need for a tablet;
  • Support for up to seven pens simultaneously; and
  • USB charging with a five-day battery life.

The AP20t comes with free interactive A+ software, which includes enhanced object orientation annotation, project tools, image capture, and video recording capabilities.

The AP20s Student Pack includes all the same features; however, it lets up to six students interact with each other from their desks.

The AP20t costs $199, and the AP20s is priced at $599. For more information, visit AVer's classroom presentation products site.

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