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Nutanix Complete Cluster Combines Server and Storage Infrastructure

Nutanix has released Nutanix Complete Cluster, a solution designed for virtualization that uses a distributed system software layer to combine servers and storage into a single tier and eliminates the need for network storage.

"In increasingly virtualized datacenters, we believe that storage will gradually cease to be implemented as we know it today and will itself also become completely virtualized, leveraging commodity hardware, being self-optimizing, and scaling-out to new levels," explains Mark Peters, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group.

Nutanix Complete Cluster uses a building block approach designed to achieve scalability. Organizations can start with a single Nutanix Complete Block, which is a 2U unit that contains four x86 nodes, eight Intel Xeon Processors, 192 GB of RAM (upgradable to 768 GB), 1.28 TB of ioMemory, a 1.2 TB of SATA solid state drive, and 20 TB of SATA drives. Each node in the Nutanix Complete Block runs a VMware ESXi hypervisor. Organizations can expand their virtualization environment by adding more Nutanix Complete Blocks as needed.

Nutanix Complete Cluster supports virtualization capabilities such as VMware vMotion, High Availability (HA), Dynamic Resource Scheduling (DRS), as well as data management features such as fast VM cloning, capacity optimization, and converged backup.

Key features of Nutanix Complete Cluster include:

  • Out-of-the-box functionality;
  • A user interface that provides virtual machine visibility across server and storage resources;
  • Zero-overhead cloning and thin provisioning mode;
  • Instant backup and recovery of virtual machine data on the cluster;
  • Local solid-state drives with data-tiering to hard disks; and
  • Highly fault-tolerant architecture.

Nutanix Complete Cluster is available now through the company’s certified solution partners. Further information about Nutanix Complete Cluster can be found at the

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