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Glogster EDU Expands Multimedia Platform for Teachers

Glogster is adding new editions of its educational platform, Glogster EDU, starting in mid-September. Glogster EDU is an online service that lets students create "Glogs"--online multimedia posters that use text, photos, music, and video. They can be used for book reports, class projects, homework, and presentations on any subject.

Glogster EDU features include:

  • A drag-and-drop interface;
  • New live online chat support for teachers and administrators, with the exception of Single Free;
  • Tools previously accessible to only Premium users, including a drawing tool, data attachment features, and no advertisements, are now available for teachers;
  • Graphic Galleries, categorized by subject, which provide approximately 1,000 stock images for use in Glogs;
  • Teacher Premium and School Premium users have access to Glog organization tools, classroom management controls, and project management tools;
  • The ability to share posters on Facebook and Twitter, wikis, blogs, and e-mail;
  • A teacher dashboard, which lets teachers watch all student activity;
  • A student dashboard, which allows students to view and manage all their classes and projects; and
  • Individual logins for teachers and students.

The platform also has the functionality for teachers to create and share templates and instructions, make assignments, and provide feedback, all remotely.

Effective Sept. 15, the new product lineup will include:

  • Single Free: a free account for a teacher or student;
  • Teacher Light: for one teacher and up to 50 students ($29.95 annually);
  • Teacher Premium: for one teacher and up to 200 students ($99 annually with 30-day trial); and
  • School Premium: a school-based license ($2 per student).

The premium editions include features like class administration, class projects, project administration and notifications, portfolios, and phone support. The basic editions include e-mail and community support, some sharing, and support for multimedia.

For more information, visit the Glogster EDU site.

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