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Super Star Learning Launches Networking Platform for Project Based Learning

Super Star Learning Company has launched a new online learning website,, designed to facilitate collaboration between students, teachers, administrators, and parents. is designed to help "integrate STEM, 21st century strategies, Core Subjects, and technology into teacher instruction and student learning" by developing an "ecosystem for learning," according to information released by the company.

Students can begin a project by uploading video, an essay, or other materials to Then, under their teacher's direction, they can add peers, other teachers, parents, and anyone else the teacher wants in the network to provide review and encouragement. Projects are then updated each time students make progress or add to them.

"It's very important to note this is all monitored by the teacher, as are the communications between students," said John Zoccola, director of public relations at Super Star Learning. "Kids can't just invite whoever they want and say whatever they want with no supervision. This is not a forum for kids to be abusive or get off track."

The site also features a social learning platform for teachers to create, upload, and share classes, lesson plans, and digital resources with other educators.

"I am working with students on long-term, real-world project work. All of the features of are perfect for this kind of work," said Jennifer Fordyce, project facilitator and teacher at Kihei Charter School in Hawaii. "Students are able to invite their panel of project advisors to their secure closed social network of collaborators and share their progress as they go. It’s perfect for the way I want students to approach their projects."

Pricing for and onsite professional development varies with the size of the school or district. Licensing grants are also available for the platform and Super Star Learning's other services, Room 21 and, at

For more information is available at

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