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V-locity 3 Adds Full Integration with VMware ESXi and Improved Resource Optimization

Diskeeper has announced the latest version of its virtual platform disk optimizer for VMware, V-locity 3, which provides invisible background optimization on virtual servers to improve their input and output performance.

V-locity 3 consists of two core components: V-locity 3 Guest, which installs on all Windows virtual machines, and V-locity 3 Host Agent, which installs on any Windows virtual machine over VMware ESX or ESXi, or directly on Microsoft Hyper-V. This version of V-locity adds full integration with VMware ESXi virtualization hypervisor to its existing support for VMware ESX and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Key features in V-locity 3 include:

  • V-Aware, which detects when other virtual machines on the virtual platform are using external resources on the same host server and eliminates competition for those resources;
  • CogniSAN, which detects when other virtual machines on the virtual platform are using external resources within a shared storage system, such as a SAN, and eliminates competition for those resources without intruding upon SAN-layer operations;
  • Automatic Space Reclamation engine, which replaces unused data blocks with zeros on virtual disks to simplify virtual disk compaction, and which allows VMware VMotion or Microsoft Live Migration to compact a disk on the fly when migrating them to virtual disks;
  • Special Virtual Disk Auto-Detection, which enables each V-locity Guest to conform its optimization settings to the type of virtual disk and features the virtual machine is using, such as dynamic or thin disks and linked clones;
  • IntelliWrite, which helps prevent data fragmentation;
  • Instant Defrag, which eliminates data fragmentation that was not prevented;
  • Real-time Free Space Consolidation, which optimizes large blocks of free disk space; and
  • Set It and Forget It automatic and real-time operation.

Further information about V-locity can be found at

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