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Observation 360 1.5 Adds iPad Support, Notification Options

School Improvement Network has unveiled a new version of Observation 360, a teacher professional development tool that integrates with PD 360.

The tool provides suggested on-demand video training based on results from a teacher observation. PD 360 includes more than 1,500 videos on 97 topics focused on best practices and offer classroom examples. It also provides premium courses, which include interaction with experts during Webinars and question activities.

New features in Observation 360 Version 1.5 include:

  • iPad functionality, including selection, assigning, and viewing of pre-selected videos, preparing templates, and performing observations;
  • The ability to assign a date by which teachers would be required to watch videos;
  • The option to require up to three videos per question;
  • The choice whether to send notifications to teachers via e-mail or directly to PD 360;
  • The capability to turn off automatic upload; and
  • Automatic template confirming before the observation begins. Administrators can use a per-formatted template, or customize their own.

Using Observation 360, an administrator selects the template to be used for the observation, which includes a set of questions. During class, the administrator would observe and input comments for each question, then press save. The observation is then submitted and linked to PD 360, where teachers can view their observations and see what video segments are required for viewing. After the teacher watches the mandated videos, the administrator can do a second walkthrough and submit additional comments. In addition, teachers can look at charts to watch their progress from observation to observation.

Administrators can also use Observation 360 on iPhone, iPod touch, Android devices, and traditional desktop and laptop computers.

For more information, visit the School Improvement Network Web site.

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