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Lectora Online Adds Flash Games, Collaboration Tools

Trivantis has released a new version of Lectora Online e-learning software, which includes a lineup of features including additional Flash games, new characters, and collaboration tools.

Lectora Online is software developed to create, manage, and edit online course content. Users can import materials from Lectora Publisher and communicate with other teachers or administrators through comments, e-mail, and instant messaging. In addition, notifications can be automatically sent when project statuses or assignments change. Videos, photos, and other multimedia also can be stored and shared with other users.

Lectora 1.6 adds 23 new characters, 15 poses, and 345 photos of real people. Users can drag and drop to change characters and poses throughout the course.

In addition, the new version includes 11 new Flash games, including Basketball, Bowling, Soccer, Crazy Cans, Mountain Climb, Dunking Booth, Golf, Horse Race, Walk the Plank, and Slot Machine, to assess learning skills.

Additional new features include:

  • A customizable media player, which provides 12 new skins appropriate for a variety of e-learning lessons;
  • Support for importing user-generated skins;
  • Support for high-definition YouTube videos;
  • The ability to select how many revisions to courses are allowed; and
  • The ability to monitor all changes from within Lectora Publisher.

Other enhancements include access to pull up previous course versions and new privacy settings to control logins.

Users will need a computer connected to the Internet and either Internet Explorer 7.0 or up, or any version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari. Firefox is recommended. Presentations from Microsoft PowerPoint and titles exported from Lectora as package files can be imported into Lectora Online.

The new version is free for current Lectora Online users.

For more information, visit Trivantis.com.

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