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Super Star Launches Goal Setting Platform for Schools

Super Star Learning has released a school edition of My Dream Machine, the company's social goal setting and achievement platform.

My Dream Machine, free to users of Super Star's learning technology suite, is designed to help students build skills associated with "critical thinking, time management, team-building, and collaboration," according to information released by the company.

Features of My Dream Machine include:

  • A profile page with current goals and information to help students achieve them;
  • A benchmark and tracking system with timelines to help students achieve the steps of their project within a particular timeframe;
  • The ability for students to collaborate with their "dream team," a closed network consisting of peers, teachers, and parents;
  • Reminders for upcoming deadlines regarding goals and benchmarks;
  • An encouragement wall where dream team members can add encouraging and supportive comments; and
  • The ability for teachers to limit and monitor student interaction to limit abuse and create a secure, closed network.

My Dream Machine World Edition is free, integrated with Facebook, and available for anyone to use.

The school edition is different in that it is designed to be used by students under the direction of teachers. Instructors have the ability to assign or approve goals and designate individuals to monitor interactions on the network. The school edition also allows schools to customize the look of the platform through the addition of a logo, for example, to give the network a more local feel.

Super Star's learning suite includes and the Room21 Online Learning Community, both of which feature integration with My Dream Machine.

Visit for more information about My Dream Machine.

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