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Buffalo School District To Implement Online Enrollment

Buffalo City School District will deploy an online enrollment system in place of its entirely paper-based enrollment process to save time and money.

The New York district's school board has given the green light for a five-year contract for the Registration Gateway web application, developed by SRC Solutions, effective beginning in 2013.

Registration Gateway allows parents to sign up or re-enroll their children in the school district almost entirely online with a Web wizard. They can fill out a web-based application, from anywhere with Internet access, and attach additional documents after scanning them.

Additional features include:

  • Integration with all major student information systems;
  • Automatic e-mail reminders sent to parents missing required information after 30 days;
  • Form customization for each school district; and
  • A digital pad for parents to enter their electronic signatures.

In addition, all files can be accessed from any school computer with online access, and administrators can set up individual access privileges.

Approximately 37,000 students attend Buffalo School District in 45 elementary schools, 12 high schools, and two adult education facilities.

In related news, SRC Solutions has released Human Resources Gateway, a web-based portal to help with the hiring process at school districts.

Human Resources Gateway provides digital storage and automatic archiving of all teacher and staff paperwork required for hiring.

Features of the software include:

  • Tracking of documentation;
  • Online collection of applications;
  • Notification to users who are missing necessary paperwork;
  • Access privileges, which can be set by administrators; and
  • Integration with Registration Gateway and other student information and finance systems.

In addition, Human Resource Gateway interfaces with ID production systems, and uses bar codes to track documents.

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