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NEC Adds 2 High-Brightness Models to its PX Line of Projectors

The NEC PX800X offers a brightness of 8,000 lumens for large venues with high ambient light.
The NEC PX800X offers a brightness of 8,000 lumens for large venues with high ambient light.

NEC Display Solutions of America has announced two new projector models, the PX700W and PX800X. Both are large screen, professional installation models intended for large venues with high ambient light.

The PX700W and PX800X provide 7,000 lumens and 8,000 lumens of light output, respectively. Stacking correction capabilities enable up to four projectors to be stacked vertically or horizontally and can increase the image brightness to a maximum of 28,000 lumens for the PX700W and 32,000 lumens for the PX800X.

Both projectors include HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB Viewer inputs, as well as three analog computer inputs, composite, and S-Video. USB Viewer enables the projector to display JPEG graphics from USB memory, without the use of a computer. The projectors also feature Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) technology, which is intended to simplify installation, use, and maintenance of the projectors and provide input flexibility.

Integrated RJ-45 ports provide wired networking capabilities, and 802.11b/g wireless networking is available as an option. The projectors also support Windows Network Projector, Windows Remote Desktop, Windows Network Drive, and Windows Media Connection functions.

Key features of the new projectors include:

  • OPS option slot, including an HD/SD input card and SBC;
  • Complete line of six bayonet-style lenses with built-in lens memory, electronic zoom, focus, and lens shift;
  • HQV technology for home theater video processing;
  • One-chip DLP 1,280 x 800 WXGA native resolution on the PX700W and one-chip DLP 1,024 x 768 native resolution on the PX800X;
  • Dual lamps with up to 2,500 hours of lamp life using economy mode;
  • Cornerstone correction to help display the image properly when the projector is set at an angle to the screen;
  • Edge blending technology to create panoramic images with multiple projectors; and
  • PIP/side-by-side to display two sources on the screen simultaneously.

The PX700W and PX800X will be available this month for an estimated street price of $8,799 and $8,689, respectively, not including the lens. Further information about the projectors is available on the NEC projector site.

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