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ASCD and Pearson To Launch PD Program for Principals

ASCD and Pearson have teamed up with the Marzano Research Laboratory to develop Principal Compass, a cloud based leadership program for K-12 school principals and leadership teams.

The digital leadership program is based on Robert Marzano's studies on principal growth and development. It offers principals a combination of self-paced online modules, in-person coaching and team development, more than 3,000 videos, and an opportunity for principals to assess their own strengths and weaknesses against data from more than 300 of their highest performing peers.

The software will debut on March 24 at ASCD's 67th Annual Conference and Exhibit Show in Philadelphia.

"Our research team has dedicated years to identifying that critical set of skills and behaviors that makes a principal an exceptional leader, along with rubrics that help principals identify growth areas and strategies to make needed improvement," Marzano said in a press release. "Now, with Principal Compass, we have an organized structure to share this system nationally. This is a partnership that can ultimately benefit millions of principals, teachers, and students across the country."

Stefan Kohler, Pearson School's head of educator effectiveness and professional development, said Principal Compass was built with serious consideration for the time constraints that are part of every principal's day. The cloud-based program is part of Pearson's Compass Suite, which includes Teacher Compass Observe and Teacher Compass PD.

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