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Elmo To Launch New Student Response System

The Elmo Student Response System allows students to answer questions in multiple formats.

Elmo, a company that sells document cameras, surveillance cameras, and a variety classroom solutions, has unveiled a wireless student response system for use in K-12 classrooms.

The new system, dubbed the Elmo Student Response System, uses wireless keypads, a USB dongle, and Image Mate Accent software to record the quiz answers of multiple students on a connected computer and present the evaluations of those answers in a bar graph, pie chart, or list.  Output formats of student response evaluations include XLS, CSV, and XML.

The response system's keypads support multiple choice answers of a through f and one through six, yes or no responses, and true or false answers.

Additional features include:

  • A maximum range of 49.2 feet;
  • 150 hours of continuous operation;
  • An estimated battery life of one year;
  • Reward illustrations for correct answers;
  • Countdown graphics for timed quizzes;
  • The ability to display a list of the five students with the fastest response times; and
  • Auto power off after 300 seconds.

The keypads measure 4.34" (h) x 2.53" (w) x 1.03" (d) and weigh less than 0.2 pounds.

The system's software supports PDF files, Microsoft Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations.

The Elmo Student Response System will be available this month in bundles of 24 units for $989 and bundles of 32 units for $1,279.

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