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Navigator Express IT Management Suite Gets Redesigned Self-Service Portal

Alloy Software has released Alloy Navigator Express 6 Suite, a new lightweight version of its asset management, help desk, and knowledge management solution that is geared toward the education and small- to mid-size businesses. According to Alloy Software, Navigator Express 6 Suite is ideal for organizations with 15 or fewer IT personnel, and it can be customized around existing help desk workflows and management objectives.

"We have built Alloy Navigator Express 6 from the ground up based on our enterprise solution, but without the complexity and administration overhead required of a larger product," said Vladimir Vinogradsky, president and CEO of Alloy Software.

Alloy Navigator Express 6 Suite is bundled with a free copy of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition to host the product's database in environments with less than 1,000 computers and 10 technicians. Organizations that already have a license for the full Microsoft SQL Server can host their database on the existing server.

Alloy Navigator Express 6 Suite includes a standalone Crystal Reports module to print the included standard reports. However, organizations that wish to create new reports or customize existing reports must purchase a separate license for Crystal Reports Designer.

Key features of Alloy Navigator Express 6 Suite include:

  • Network inventory functionality powered by Alloy Discovery 6;
  • Automated alerts for important hardware and software-related events, such as low disk space;
  • Customizable change history alerts;
  • Redesigned self-service portal with configurable start page;
  • New dashboard with multi-pane view containing performance charts and links to key product areas;
  • Announcements for scheduled downtime, service updates, and outages;
  • Trouble ticket monitoring and escalation; and
  • Integration with third-party tools to remotely access and manage hardware, synchronize data, or search external knowledge bases.

Alloy Navigator Express 6 Suite is available now, with discounts for education customers. Further information about Alloy Navigator Express 6 Suite is available on the Alloy Software site.

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