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SMALLab Launches Embodied Learning Environment

SMALLab has launched Flow, an embodied learning environment, and multiple lessons for use with the platform.

Using any interactive whiteboard and a motion capture camera, "Flow is designed to get students up out of their seats--playfully engaged--and physically moving as they learn," according to information released by the company.

Using their hands and bodies to manipulate images, sounds, and texts, Flow is designed for students to collaboratively interact with lessons in three dimensions.

Developed by researchers and educators associated with Arizona State University, SMALLab (Situated Multimedia Arts Learning Lab) is based on real world classroom research funded by the National Science Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, and the Gates Foundation.

Along with the launch of Flow at the Florida Education Technology Conference in Orlando last week, SMALLab kicked off a national contest for teachers who would like to propose their own embodied learning scenario. To enter the contest, anyone currently teaching at a K-12 school can register and create as many proposals in any subject they choose at smallablearning.com/designcontest.

"We are committed to fostering innovation by directly engaging K-12 teachers and embracing their ideas," said David Birchfield, CEO at SMALLab.

Winning teachers will receive a free Flow installation and a copy of their scenario.

A Flow installation includes:

  • One motion capture camera;
  • A 1-year renewable subscription of unlimited scenario downloads;
  • Either a 1-day onsite workshop or participation in an 8-week videoconferencing program for professional development focused on Flow;
  • A developer's license for creating new scenarios using the Flow development kit; and
  • Remote support.

More information is available at smallablearning.com/flow. For more information, or to see a video of the technology in action, visit emlearning.asu.edu.

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