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Schools Recycle To Earn Free iPad HD, Cash, and Tech

FundingFactory has launched the Recycling Rumble, an annual competition that encourages schools to recycle more empty printer cartridges and small electronics than their competitors.

FundingFactory is free service that allows schools and nonprofits to earn cash or points that can be redeemed for new technology or classroom products by recycling electronic waste such as laser and inkjet cartridges, cell phones, GPS devices, digital cameras, and MP3 players.

The company provides participating organizations with "no-cost resources for participants to easily launch their fundraising-thru-recycling program, including display and shipping materials, promotional supplies, and community relations coaching," according to information found at

For the competition, FundingFactory paired each school with a competitor school that had a comparable recycling rate. Schools that raise more funds than their rivals between March 13 and May 31 will receive a 25 percent bonus. The school that raises the most funds will also receive an iPad HD.

Individuals and businesses can support their local schools during the competition and throughout the year by registering at FundingFactory's support page. The company will then provide shipping labels, boxes, and collection displays. Once the recyclables are packed, UPS will deliver them to FundingFactory where their value will be entered into the appropriate school's tally, all at no cost to the supporting organization.

"The Recycling Rumble builds awareness of the importance of recycling," said Sean Michaels, president of FundingFactory. "This friendly competition is an exciting way to get students, parents and the community involved in recycling and raising money for the school. In the end, all of the participants make an extraordinary impact on the environment, and that is the ultimate grand prize."

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