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Webinar Details New Method for Integrating Technology in Schools

Education research group Project RED has launched a new replicable method for integrating technology in schools, to be detailed in an upcoming webinar held May 15, 17, and 23.

The new method is based on findings from a national research study conducted by the group in 2010, which surveyed technology programs in 1,000 schools, focusing on integration and academic results. The webinar will review the research and identify strategies used by districts that attribute academic success to technology.

Findings from the 2010 study showed that effectively implemented technology programs can lead to higher levels of student achievement and significant ROI. The study also revealed four key findings about using technology in schools to improve both academic and financial outcomes, including:

  • Personalize learning for all students through frequent, appropriate use of technology integrated with curriculum and instruction in all classrooms and other learning places;
  • Make professional learning and effective use of technology high priorities for administrators and teachers;
  • Use technologies such as social media, games and simulations to engage students and encourage collaboration; and
  • Use weekly online assessments to gauge student learning and then tailor instruction for personalized learning experiences.

These findings were used to help create the implementation method. In an effort to make it accessible to administrators, it is being launched through Project RED's new professional learning community, featuring best practices shared by experts and tools for effective technology implementation. Members of the free community will also have access to webinars, forums, and regional institutes.

"We know that technology alone is not enough", said Education Strategist Paige Johnson with Intel, the founding sponsor of Project RED. "Schools need access to the valuable research on what works to that can help guide the implementation of their technology platforms deployments. The Project RED initiative gives districts them a professional learning community to study best known methods and adapt the approaches for their local needs."

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Stephen Noonoo is an education technology journalist based in Los Angeles. He is on Twitter @stephenoonoo.