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Barracuda Launches 90 TB Backup Appliance

Barracuda Networks has introduced a new 90 TB server to its line of backup appliances, the Barracuda Backup Server 1090.

According to Barracuda, the 1090 is ideal for users with 45 TB to 50 TB of primary data to back up. Although the server has 90 TB of storage space, some of that space is required for retention files and history. The server also uses RAID 60 to replicate data across drives in case of drive failure.

Key features of Barracuda Backup Server 1090 include:

  • 90 TB of storage;
  • 4 RU chassis;
  • 34 3 TB drives, plus two mirrored solid-state drives to run the database and deduplicate and reconstitute data;
  • RAID 60 for replicating data across drives;
  • 32 cores of processing power; and
  • Support for 10 gigabit Ethernet network connectivity.

Barracuda Backup Server 1090 is available now for $135,000 in North America. A subscription for updates costs $24,299 per year. Additional cloud storage service is available for $50 a month for each 200 GB increment. Further information can be found on the Barracuda site.

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