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now!Board Turns Any Flat Surface Into a Whiteboard

The now!Board, a portable device that turns any flat surface into a whiteboard for educators to use, is now available from educational technology manufacturer Learning Resources.

The now!Board connects with both Mac and PC computers via USB, and integrates with apps already in use. Designed to project a virtual whiteboard on any flat surface, the device comes with a stylus for teachers or students to write and draw on the projected image.

In addition to writing and drawing, users can also:

  • Generate shapes;
  • Add color to words and sketches;
  • Project, view, and zoom in on images;
  • Operate any connected computer via the stylus;
  • Navigate among Web sites and apps; and
  • Show a presentation, and then immediately start writing down brainstorming ideas on the whiteboard.

The now!Board is part of Learning Resources' Simple Technology line of products, which are designed to be simple and intuitive to use, even for very young students.

The now!Board is available for purchase for $499, which includes the now!Board camera, product software, user guide, stylus,  Jr. wand, and a carrying case. The Jr. Wand can also be purchased separately for $35.

As previously covered by THEJournal.com, Learning Resources is also currently sponsoring a grant at the WeAreTeachers online community, and the winners each receive one or more now!Boards for their classrooms. For more information about the grant, visit weareteachers.com.

Visit mynowboard.com for more information about the now!Board.

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