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SunPower Foundation One Million Lights Partner on Solar Education

Two California nonprofit organizations are coming together to provide solar power education to K-12 schools. SunPower Foundation in San Jose, and One Million Lights, based in Palo Alto, have developed a program called One Million Students, which provides K-12 teachers with curriculum about solar energy.

The One Million Students program includes three downloadable lesson plans that show how solar technology is being used worldwide, as well as tools for hands-on projects, such as solar LED lights and solar electricity testing kits. Curriculum is organized by school level--elementary, middle, and high school--and can be used as part of teachers' existing lessons in math, science, and environmental studies. Classrooms will also have access to SunPower employees, and inspirational stories from One Million Lights.

"The One Million Students program has touched the hearts and minds of our 270 seventh-grade students," said Curtis Schneider, a teacher at Egan Junior High School, which piloted the program. "During a recent three-day lesson, our students were taught the science of creating light with the sun and then learned how One Million Lights is bringing solar LED lights to those who live in an off-grid world. As a teacher, I value students learning how science can help the planet and those who are less fortunate.”

One Million Lights provides solar lighting to rural communities, and SunPower Foundation provides educational materials about solar energy around the world.

One Million Students is open to additional partnerships. Organizations that are interested should send an email to [email protected].

Teachers, students, parents, or school staff interested in registering for the solar education program should visit For more information about One Million Lights, visit For additional information about SunPower Foundation, visit

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