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THE Journal Goes Totally Digital

T.H.E. Journal is entering a new era in its 40-year history as a magazine serving the educational technology market. Beginning with its August issue, T.H.E. Journal will become an entirely paper-free, digital publication. The June/July issue will be its last as a traditional print magazine.

Starting in August, you will receive your issue through an e-mail message with a link that will lead you to a newly designed online version of T.H.E. Journal. This digital version will continue to carry all the quality features, columns, and news stories you’ve come to expect from the print edition, in addition to more dynamic and immersive content. A tablet version will also be made available for the growing number of iPad and Android tablet users.

This all-new T.H.E. Journal far exceeds the standard pdf versions people have come to associate with digital magazines. In fact, our traditional coverage will be enhanced by a variety of multimedia elements that will augment your understanding and knowledge of the field we cover. Along with text-based articles, there will be video interviews and demonstrations of the technologies we discuss, infographics, podcasts, and a greater selection of multimedia slideshows.

The print-to-digital conversion also reduces T.H.E. Journal parent company 1105 Media’s carbon footprint by as much as 4.6 metric tons annually, equating to an estimated 125 tons of paper annually or roughly 23 trees.

As with our print edition, the August release of our new digital edition of T.H.E. Journal will continue to act as a supplement to the original web-only content and breaking news that has been the editorial backbone of the website.

Wendy LaDuke, president and publisher of the 1105 Media Education Group and daughter of the founder of T.H.E. Journal, Edward Warnshuis made this comment on the decision to go completely digital. “I know my father, who started the magazine back in 1972, would be the first to say our most important job is to embrace the future and lead the way.”

To learn more about why T.H.E. Journal is taking this important next step in its history, watch T.H.E. Journal Editorial Director Therese Mageau explain how and why the decision was made, and what you can expect, in the video above. An editor’s note in the August issue by Executive Editor Michael Hart will explain in greater detail. Please direct any questions or comments you have directly to Michael at [email protected] or share them in the comments below.