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OpenDNS Enterprise Insights Supports Microsoft Active Directory

Network security provider OpenDNS has launched OpenDNS Enterprise Insights, a new service that expands on the existing OpenDNS Enterprise service to include visibility and control through Microsoft Active Directory.

As with OpenDNS Enterprise, Insights blocks malware and botnet communications to prevent network damage, but it also enables Microsoft Active Directory users to see exactly which network user accounts or devices have been infected. According to information released by the company, "Insights works by identifying and containing or quarantining advanced malware and botnet threats and eliminating their communication with command and control servers, effectively rendering known threats useless."

The company claimed that Insights enables network security administrators to determine which devices are infected, when they attempted to contact their botnet controllers, as well as which users are more at risk of infecting devices or violating policies.

OpenDNS Enterprise Insights works in Microsoft Active Directory environments running Windows Server 2008 R2, 2008, or 2003 R2. For organizations operating in a virtualized server environment, Insights supports VMware ESXi 4.1 or newer. According to information available on the company's site, Insights does not currently support Microsoft Hyper-V, but they may add it in the future.

Insights enables administrators to assign different security policies by user, group, or device, but it does not currently support assigning policies based on internal IP address or subnet, although the company said it will add that feature "in the near future." As a workaround, OpenDNS suggested assigning policies to Active Directory groups corresponding to a subnet.

Key features of OpenDNS Enterprise Insights include:

  • Per-user, per-group, or per-device security settings;
  • Fully customizable security settings;
  • Cloud-based remote management;
  • Single-day deployment; and
  • No hardware or software required.

Further information about OpenDNS Enterprise Insights is available on the OpenDNS site.

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