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Rosetta Stone Debuts Interactive Language App for iPad

A new iPad app from language software company Rosetta Stone will connect native speakers to language learners on the tablet device, as part of its TOTALe interactive language product.

The app, called Studio HD, is an adaptation of an existing feature available via TOTALe. It provides a live, interactive space where up to four people can speak directly with a native speaking tutor in a learner’s target language in sessions lasting 50 minutes. The tutors will focus on helping language learners overcome barriers and work toward greater proficiency.

Studio HD is only part of the company’s online, interactive language product, TOTALe, which also includes:

  • Rosetta Course self-study software, featuring speech-recognition technology;
  • Rosetta World, which lets students practice their new language online using interactive games and stories that are designed for their learning level; and
  • A wider series of mobile apps that also includes TOTALe Course HD, TOTALe Companion, and Audio Companion for mp3 players.

Limited access to the Studio HD app is included with the purchase of TOTALe. Afterward, users can purchase an extended subscription plan.

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