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HITN Launches Cloud-Based Math and English Learning Program

HITN has launched a new online learning program, HITN Learning, a cloud-based system that offers test practice in math and English/language arts.

HITN Learning includes a writing component incorporating healthy living prompts and was designed to align with Common Core standards, as well as standards currently in effect in Puerto Rico. The tool also offers metrics to provide real-time insights into student progress for teachers, district administrators, and parents.

HITN Learning includes the option for both written and spoken Spanish prompts for students whose primary language is Spanish or whose parents are primarily Spanish speaking.

"We feel that young students for whom English is not the primary language face a real challenge in the current educational system, and we wanted to lead the charge to address that issue," HITN CEO Jose Luis Rodriguez said in a prepared statement. "As a former teacher and elementary school principal, I'm acutely aware of the need for a program like this one, which provides a bridge between school and home for Spanish-speaking families and gives kids an option to learn and keep pace in their primary language."

During the initial pilot for the program, students "particularly responded to earning tickets to play games," HITN reported. Additionally, students "were excited to access the program outside of school, from home or other locations, with Internet access," HITN said.

"But we didn't want to create a program that only addressed those specific needs," Rodriguez added. "HITN Learning was designed to be effectively administered in both English and Spanish, so students whose primary language is English can also benefit enormously ... when it comes to practices for Common Core testing in Math and ELA."

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