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Compass Learning Adds Learning Tools Interoperability Compliance

Compass Learning has achieved IMS Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) compliance, a move that allows students using LTI-compliant learning management systems (LMS) to easily access materials from Compass Learning.

The LTI specification is designed to facilitate the connection of online materials and applications with various platforms that can be accessed by users without difficulty.

The company now joins the IMS Global Learning Consortium, a non-profit, membership-based organization that promotes learning technology through initiatives such as interoperability with involvement from educational institutions, publishers, educators, government agencies, and both hardware and software vendors.

Access to Compass Learning will be expanded through the move as students can now use a variety of different LMS platforms to access materials without custom integrations for each and every platform.

In addition, the move allows:

  • Integration with open educational resources and other materials;
  • Reduced conflicts with LMS compatibility; and
  • Control of student achievement data from Odyssey products, which can then be migrated to a grade book or student information systems.

The Austin, TX-based Compass Learning is the maker behind both Compass Learning Odyssey and the Renzulli Learning System. The company currently serves more than 7,800 schools throughout the United States.

The company's offerings are now compatible with such diverse systems as Blackboard, Moodle, and Sakai, allowing greater usage of Compass Learning resources while also saving districts money by eliminating the expense and difficulty of adopting new software to access them.

"Schools and school districts don't have to be locked into proprietary digital content delivery systems," said Eric Loeffel, chief executive officer of Compass Learning. "They can now more easily select the best content from multiple LTI-compliant providers--and add their own locally developed content--to best meet the needs of their students."

More information on LTI is available at imsglobal.org.