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Lore Extends Social LMS to Academic Groups

Social learning management system Lore has added a new feature that lets on-campus clubs and groups collaborate using the free tool. The company released Lore for Academic Groups this week, and it is available now.

Lore, originally called Coursekit, was launched in December 2011 by three former University of Pennsylvania students. It uses a Facebook-like interface and lets college and university students and instructors share resources. The interface gives users the option of posting a status update; a link; media (upload photos, link to video, or upload audio); files; questions; or blogs. It also lets users like or comment on posts, with the ability to search all posts, search just student posts, or search just instructor posts. Users can also search by event, theme, type, or month. In addition, Lore lets users chat in real-time through instant messaging.

Lore for Academic Groups was designed for academic clubs, group projects, study groups, and people with common interests.

Features include:

  • Timeline, a Facebook-like feed that allows group members to post discussions and events;
  • A library, where users can share files, such as images and videos, and links with group members
  • Search by book, title, or ISBN; and
  • A calendar, where events can be added and discussed.

However, with Lore for Academic Groups, anyone can start and edit a group, and it can be designated as public or private.

In addition, Lore for Academic Groups allows group administrators to send a link to potential members to join, or they can send an opt-in e-mail.

They can also designate group type as general, professional organization, fraternity/sorority, sports team, performing arts, hobby, religious/social/political, academic club, or study group. Administrators can specify the URL for their groups.

In related news, Lore also recently launched a new feature that allows users to send direct messages through the LMS.

For more information, visit lore.com/groups.

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