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Rediker Unveils Teacher Evaluator

Software provider Rediker has released Teacher Evaluator, an online teacher evaluation application designed specifically for the iPad and compatible with any Web browser.

The release is designed to help districts ensure compliance with state standards by providing a means to efficiently evaluate large numbers of teachers throughout the academic year.

Teacher Evaluator is a stand-alone offering designed to permit multiple evaluations to be made for each teacher per year without extensive investment of time by school administrators.

The application allows evaluations to be customized for individual state rubrics or with in-house evaluations drawn up by the district. With the desired evaluation parameters in place, administrators can establish goals, create specific improvement plans for the educator, and communicate with the teacher about the results.

In addition, communication is not only sped up within the district, but there is also an export ability to allow evaluators to avoid retyping data when working to comply with state requirements. Data gathered through Teacher Evaluator can be quickly shared to allow for compliance with state requirements and other paperwork.

Teacher Evaluator can also print evaluations directly or create a PDF of results.

Features of Teacher Evaluator include:

  • Real-time dashboards;
  • A built-in memo feature for providing immediate feedback;
  • Customized rating scales;
  • A form builder for editing existing forms or creating new ones;
  • Scheduling support for organizing evaluations;
  • Tiered permission levels for different levels of access;
  • Optional tracking of multiple observations with time stamps;
  • Automatic e-mail notifications; and
  • A reports center with data on specific strengths and needs.

The product is now available on a school-wide subscription basis with unlimited users for $500 per year. Discounted rates are also available for use by multiple schools.

More information is available at