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Partnership Provides California Elementary Schools With Self-Paced Math Software

Two Los Angeles, CA, elementary schools will receive new math software, educational support, and professional development through a partnership among a car company, community development corporation, and research-focused nonprofit organization. The effort is intended to help increase students' math scores.

The collaboration by Hyundai Motor America, TELACU, and Mind Research Institute will provide Belvedere and Eastman Elementary Schools with a blended-learning math model.

Mind Research Institute is providing its ST Math Program, an instructional self-paced math software aligned with state and Common Core standards.

The software uses interactive games and puzzles to help students learn math and problem-solving concepts, as they gradually get more difficult. Other features of the ST Math Program include embedded assessments, reporting of student-learning patterns, and whiteboard integration. The software can be accessed on computers or mobile devices and features touch functionality.

Teachers at Belvedere and Eastman Elementary will integrate concepts behind the visual math puzzles into their in-classroom instruction.

More than 1,000 students, parents, and community members will attend an event Thursday, October 25, at Belvedere Elementary School to celebrate the partnership.

Belvedere Elementary School has more than 900 students, while Eastman Elementary School has approximately 1,300.

According to the Mind Research Institute, Los Angeles Unified School District also deployed ST Math at 35 schools in school years 2010-11 and 2011-12.

For more information about Belvedere or Eastman, visit, Go to to learn more about ST Math.

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