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Super Star Learning launches Social Learning Platform

Super Star Learning has launched an online social learning platform for students, parents, teachers, and administrators. is available now. provides the tools for teachers to create and upload lessons and launch online learning communities. The platform is designed to help teach students skills in information gathering and interpretation, critical thinking, content knowledge and comprehension, collaboration, communication, feedback, and revision. allows teachers to include a variety of types of multimedia content, including videos, MP3s, and hyperlinks.

Other features of include:

  • Tools for teachers to share lessons with peers in other school districts worldwide;
  • Access for parents, teachers, and administrators to communicate with children and view real-time progress;
  • Communication and collaboration tools for students for project-based learning;
  • Content creation tools for students, including email, blogging, video, and music composition; and
  • The ability for school groups, parents, teachers, and counselors to create online communities. also allows students to set goals for themselves.

Through a partnership with New Mexico Society for Technology in Education (NMSTE), schools in New Mexico have deployed

"We are thrilled to finally find the perfect technology platform that truly answers our goal of improving teaching and learning by advancing the effective use of technology in education. is the ideal way to bring together all of our technology initiatives into a single platform, to provide the ultimate experience for students and help them hone their 21st Century learning skills," said Ferdi Serim, executive director of NMSTE.

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