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Elementary School Builds Collaborative Learning Classroom

Eastern Maryland Elementary School recently completed installation of its new computer lab featuring new tables and furnishings designed to foster collaborative learning environment.

The school's new classroom includes FFIT Computer Floor and iGroup Collaboration tables from SmartDesk. The FFIT Computer Floor, comprised of carpet tiles adhered to a four-pedestal platform, is laid over 24 power and data cables. The cables and power cords run to each computing station. The floor is designed for portability; the tiles can be moved to other rooms or buildings if needed.

The iGroup Collaboration tables, with height-adjustable legs, are arranged in triangles throughout the room. The tables are equipped with SmartDesk iDrawers, lockable storage drawers that come with power and data outlets. Data cables can support devices using RJ45 cat6 connections. The school plans to outfit the tables with Windows 8 desktops with "large touchscreen monitors and small towers," according to a statement from the company.

Additional details about SmartDesk tables and flooring can be found at the company's Web site.