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3 Organizations Band Together To Assist Michigan's Lowest Performing Schools

Compass Learning, Agilix Labs, and School Improvement Network are working together to provide the five percent of lowest performing schools in Michigan with a centralized portal that includes a student-centered learning system and resources for teacher effectiveness.

The companies are integrating digital content from Compass Learning's Odyssey and Renzulli Learning, as well as district-generated content, with School Improvement Network's Educator Effectiveness System and Agilix Buzz. According to a statement released by the companies, "the integrated solution serves as the core of a comprehensive, personalized learning system that allows educators to mix, match, and extend components to deliver an individualized learning plan for every participating student."

The key components of the system include:

  • Buzz personalized learning platform, which uses performance data, teacher and peer feedback, and student preferences to provide students with individualized learning experiences;
  • The CompassLearning Odyssey suite of learning solutions, which includes lessons and activities for individualized instruction, along with formative assessments and reporting tools;
  • Renzulli Learning, which provides students with lessons and projects personalized to their interests, learning styles, and expression styles; and
  • School Improvement Network's Educator Effectiveness System, which includes an on-demand library of more than 2,000 professional development videos, a responsive observation platform, prescriptive and personalized professional development resources, real-classroom examples of best practices, implementation of Common Core State Standards, and a professional learning community of more than 900,000 educators.

According to the companies, these tools are enable students to track their progress and manage their own learning, while also enabling teachers and administrators to monitor student progress and make instructional adjustments based on data.

"This combination can empower our students to work in partnership with teachers to personalize learning based on readiness, learning pace, interests, learning and expression styles, effort, and understanding," said John Covington, Chancellor of Michigan's Education Achievement Authority (EAA), in a prepared statement. "This is a unique model where students are at the center of learning."

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