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Thornburg Center Unveils Free Standards-Aligned Videos

Thornburg Center Unveils Free Standards-Aligned Videos

The Thornburg Center has released a variety of free short videos that are aligned with next-generation national science and engineering standards coming in the spring, as well as Common Core standards being implemented by the states. The Knights of Knowledge inquiry starters launch announcement was made today at Florida Education Technology Conference (FETC) 2013, and some of the videos are available now.

According to the center, the videos are intended to "support inquiry-driven, project-based learning" in grades 4 through 12. Links to the videos, which were published on YouTube and run about one minute in length, are available at KnightsOfKnowledge.me.

The videos cover the following subjects: art, biology, chemistry, climatology, engineering, general science, geography, geology, health, history, language arts, mathematics, media, paleontology, physics, planetary science, social studies, and technology. So far, 20 videos have been posted, and new ones will be added each week, according to The Thornton Center. Each video asks a question to kick off an in-depth research project.

"The new national science and engineering standards to be released this spring practically demand a shift to inquiry-driven project-based learning--a transition that many teachers may find difficult. Our goal was to provide easily accessible 'inquiry-starters' that make it easier for teachers to incorporate the new standards into their teaching," said Dr. David Thornburg, the center's founder, in a prepared statement.

For more information, visit KnightsOfKnowledge.me.

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