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Smart Technologies Intros Collaborative Learning Center

The Smart Table 442i
The Smart Table 442i

Smart Technologies has unveiled a new interactive table, the Smart Table 442i collaborative learning center, which enables up to eight students from preK to grade three to work together on interactive multimedia learning activities.

According to the company, the Smart Table 442i offers a 360-degree, multitouch surface with a 42-inch, 1080p high definition LCD display. It's compatible with the Smart Document Camera, so teachers can capture and display live images, video, and 3D content, and it includes the Smart Sync software, so teachers can share Smart Table content on a Smart Board interactive display for group instruction. The pedestal base is designed to be virtually untippable and the table's surface is accessible to students in wheelchairs.

The Smart Exchange Web site includes more than 1,500 ready-made activity packs that teachers can use on the Smart Table. Teachers can import ready-made lessons and 3D multimedia content using the included Smart Notebook collaborative learning software or create their own lessons using the included Smart Table Toolkit.

Key features of the Smart Table 442i include:

  • Simultaneous multitouch capability for up to eight students;
  • Support for touch gestures such as rotate, toss, and zoom;
  • Ready-made activity packs on the Smart Exchange Web site;
  • Smart Table Toolkit for creating new content;
  • 1080p high-definition, 42-inch LCD display with no shadows and virtually reduced glare;
  • Pedestal designed to resist tipping;
  • Scratch-and-spill-proof surface;
  • Smart Sync software to share Smart Table content on a Smart Board interactive display;
  • Support for Smart Document Camera to capture and display images and video;
  • Four headphone jacks and table speakers with individual volume controls;
  • Built-in WiFi connectivity; and
  • Universal Design for Learning (UDL) design for special needs students.

The Smart Table 442i is expected to begin shipping globally in the second quarter of this year. The suggested education list price is $7,749 in the United States.

Further information about the Smart Table 442i can be found on the Smart Technologies site.

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