Curriculum Tools | News Releases Custom Curriculum Publishing Tool, which helps K-12 teachers and administrators improve student learning through its own curriculum solutions and assessments, has launched its platform's newest feature, the Custom Curriculum Publishing Tool.

The Custom Curriculum Publishing Tool lets administrators create and share unique resource collections with their teachers and re-sequence existing resources to more effectively meet specific objectives and standards. By delivering ready-to-go units directly to teachers,  the new tool is designed to allow administrators to maintain consistency, coverage, and best practices across every classroom while saving teachers time. 

"Custom Curriculum Publishing gives districts and schools more control and more freedom in the way they create and distribute content to teachers and students," said Keith Oelrich, CEO of, in a prepared statement. "The tool allows educators to customize the content and delivery of new and existing resources within the platform, and better support their teachers and students as a result."

Custom Curriculum Publishing leverages the power of the platform, which provides districts and schools with one place to organize and access existing and new content via single sign-on. Administrators, teachers, and students need only one password to access content from existing digital assets, more than 300,000 learning objects from 60-plus providers in the catalog, or resources collected from the Web. 

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