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4 Atlanta Schools Use Cloud-Based Classroom Management Tool To Help Students with Behavioral Issues

Four schools in the greater Atlanta area are using software to track the behavior of challenging students and encourage good behavior through positive reinforcement.

The schools are part of an alternative education program for kids who have been removed from traditional public schools due to severe emotional behavioral problems. The schools are required to keep detailed records of the students' behavior. Until recently, they kept those records using a paper and pencil data collection system, which was labor-intensive and made it difficult for teachers to share information.

To automate the system and facilitate consistency, the schools implemented the LiveSchool cloud-based behavior tracking and classroom management software. According to the company, LiveSchool is a school-wide platform designed to automate behavior tracking and make it easier to enforce rules and provide rewards consistently. It tracks student behavior, hall passes, and student assignments.

"LiveSchool allowed us to replace our archaic paper and pencil data collection system with an electronic system that is much faster and more efficient," said Richard Brantley, Mainstay school coordinator, in a prepared statement. "It helps drive development and maintenance of students' behavior intervention plans."

LiveSchool also enables students to earn points known as "behavior bucks" as rewards for good behavior, and they can spend their behavior bucks on incentives such as field trips. According to the company, educational research shows that this type of incentive program helps improve school behavior. The company claims LiveSchool also helps the students develop financial literacy as they manage their behavior bucks and decide when and how to spend them.

LiveSchool works on laptops, iPads, and other tablets. Further information about LiveSchool can be found at

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