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New Partnership Set to Bring Enhanced Email and Voice Capabilities to K-12 Schools

A new partnership between Everbridge, a provider of interactive communication and mass notification solutions, and Nixle, a provider of local community alert services, will allow Nixle to integrate key Everbridge voice and email capabilities into their community alerting platform.

The added voice and enhanced email capabilities that Everbridge brings to the partnership are intended to provide Nixle clients with additional contact paths and improve their ability to get critical messages to their intended recipients, according to an Everbridge release.

"Everbridge has established a reputation in the mass communication industry for its vision and product development innovation," said Eric Liu, CEO of Nixle. "When Nixle decided to add new voice and enhanced email contact path capabilities for our more than 6,000 clients, we selected Everbridge as the ideal partner."

Nixle Connect for Schools is intended to help districts communicate quickly with the public concerning urgent safety alerts, health threats, weather warnings, bully reporting, and closures and early dismissals.

K-12 school districts currently subscribing to Nixle Connect for Schools include:

Nixle was founded in January, 2007, to design and develop technologies for the public safety sector, the government sector, and the commercial sector. These communications solutions are in the area of public and internal real-time messaging and are designed to meet client requirements in the arena of public alerting and private SMS and application-based mobile communications.

Everbridge provides interactive communication and mass notification solutions to organizations in all major industries and government sectors. To date, organizations in more than 100 countries--including, AirTran Airways, the American Red Cross, and Virginia Tech--rely on Everbridge for their emergency notification and day-to-day incident communication operations needs.

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