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Bradford Networks Launches Open Platform for BYOD Security

Bradford Networks has introduced Network Sentry SmartEdge Platform, a new open platform designed to help security, mobile device management (MDM), and network infrastructure vendors integrate their products with Network Sentry, the company's network access control (NAC) solution.

The Network Sentry SmartEdge Platform includes an open application programmer interface (API) that enables bidirectional communication to and from Network Sentry. According to the company, integrating third-party security, MDM, and network infrastructure solutions with Network Sentry will help organizations reduce their BYOD risk, improve security, provide freedom of choice, and enhance the value of their solutions.

For network security vendors, the Network Sentry SmartEdge Platform enables the correlation of user, device, and location information with an infected device's IP address to identify and isolate infected devices when they attempt to connect and then enforce remediation policies to reduce risk to the network.

For MDM vendors, the Network Sentry SmartEdge Platform enables companies to check the security of mobile devices and to use pre-established policies to control access to network resources.

For wired and wireless infrastructure vendors, the Network Sentry SmartEdge Platform enables vendors to provide connectivity for devices on the network and to use pre-defined policies to control access to network resources.

"With the explosion of BYOD, companies today are not just looking for visibility into what's on and what's accessing their networks, they are now demanding solutions that can take action to preempt and remediate unauthorized access, cyber attacks, as well as compromised or non-compliant devices," said Dan Haley, CEO of Bradford Networks, in a prepared statement. "The new Network Sentry SmartEdge Platform provides a common language for all BYOD ecosystem solution providers, enabling them to create a complete solution for their customers that provides visibility, control, and remediation at the edge of the network that ultimately enables secure BYOD."

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