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Colorado School District Launches Human Resources Application To Evaluate and Retain Teachers

Denver Public Schools (DPS) has implemented a system designed specifically to streamline the human resources process for hiring and evaluating the district's K-12 teachers.

Part of the district's 2010 Denver Plan to find and retain the most qualified teachers, the district adopted Infor's Talent Management, a software suite that lets administrators evaluate teachers and align compensation with qualifications. Working with information technology consulting company Ciber, the new software augments the district's existing Human Capital Management suite from Infor by joining software and content to create a unified platform.

The applications include modules covering human resource functions, performance, and goals tracking. The global human resource module is designed to manage global workforces and simplify the human resources process. The performance management module tool tracks and assesses employee performance to aid development and retention of top employees, and the goal management component is deigned to help align employee goals with business objectives.

Key features include:

  • Built-in automation;
  • An enhanced user interface;
  • Self-service functionality; and
  • Talent-management.

"The new Infor software dramatically modernizes our back-end systems and sets the stage for the district to achieve its long-term goal of hiring great people to deliver great results," said Shayne Spalten, DPS chief HR officer, in a prepared statement. "Ciber has worked with us to understand the unique requirements of K-12 school operating environments and helped design a system to truly meet our needs."

Denver Public Schools (DPS) is the second largest school district in Colorado. The district serves more than 84,000 students in 200 schools, including 76 elementary, 16 K-8, 12 middle, 18 high, 31 charter, and eight alternative schools. The district's operating budget is approximately $5.2 million. For more information, visit

For more information about Infor, visit Go to to learn more about Cyber.

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