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Ukraine Establishes Nationwide Learning Platform for 1.5 Million Students

Ukraine has begun the process of implementing a nationwide learning platform for all of the country's students in grades 5-9, as well as the Ukrainian Knowledge Exchange, a platform that lets the country's educators publish and share educational content and research. Both projects are part of the Ukraine Open World National Project, the goal of which is to provide the country's students with a comprehensive educational platform to help them compete globally.

To support this initiative, the project leaders searched for a fully integrated solution that included content, learning management, and social collaboration. They also wanted cloud-based architecture to make it easier to deploy and scale. Other key criteria included an integrated publishing platform and knowledge exchange with built-in royalty tracking, support for most common computer operating systems, and advanced crowdsourcing with peer review control.

The Ukraine Open World National Project selected the Trunity suite of products to support the new learning platform and knowledge exchange. The Trunity platform is a fully integrated system that combines content with an integrated learning management system (LMS).

The Trunity Knowledge Exchange gives students and schools access to hundreds of thousands of articles and content created by experts, including video and other multimedia resources. Educators and authors can use the Trunity platform to create, share, and sell locally developed educational content to educators inside and outside the country. It also provides the ability to create and deploy living virtual multimedia textbooks. Trunity's social collaboration capabilities let students, teachers, and parents meet and interact online, and the cloud-based implementation lets users access course materials anywhere, anytime using any Internet-connected device with a Web browser.

Grade seven students will get access to the new platform first, beginning this year. The phased rollout will reach all 1.5 million students in grades 5-9 within two years of the initial deployment.

Further information about the Trunity platform can be found at trunity.com.

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