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JAMF Launches iPad Classroom Management Tool

JAMF Software has released a management tool for the iPad that puts teachers in control of the material students see on their mobile devices in the classroom.

Because keeping all students focused on a single activity can be a challenge, JAMF has introduced Casper Focus, a new tool that allows teachers to execute classroom management tasks without requiring assistance from their IT department.

A component of JAMF's Casper Suite management system, which distributes content and apps directly to any iOS device, Casper Focus is a customizable interface designed to give teachers one-touch control to unlock, restrict, or enable student devices in the classroom.

With Casper Focus instructors can engage students in the same curriculum material all at once, individually, or in small groups as they advance through curriculum content at different paces. Devices can also be set to a single application to keep students from accessing other apps or unauthorized material during tests.

In addition, network segments enable or disable teacher control depending on the location of the device, giving students free access to their iPad when they're not using the school's network.

Key features include:

  • The ability to change focus between apps within 5 seconds;
  • Classes can be guided through multiple apps;
  • Ensures access to a student's iPad if the student forgets their pass code or locks the teacher out; and
  • Monitors whether every student's iPad is powered up.

Casper Focus is available as a free upgrade for all Casper Suite customers with current support and license agreements.

JAMF Software is the developer of Casper Suite, a suite of Mac OS X and iOS management software for IT administrators that includes software distribution, imaging, inventory, package building, image management, remote updates, mobile device management, and a framework for automated support.

To learn more about Casper Focus, visit the JAMF Software site. For information about Casper Suite management systems, visit

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