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TabPilot 2.0 Expands Controls for Android Tablet Management

Tablet Learning Systems has upgraded its Android tablet management system, a Web-based interface that allows teachers to lock down, manage, install apps remotely, and configure Web links for individuals and groups of student tablet users in the classroom.

TabPilot 2.0 expands control in several ways, including allowing teachers to make content such as e-books and PDF files available to students for off-line viewing, permitting teachers to lock down specific tablet groups, and enabling or disabling them as needed.

New features in TabPilot 2.0 include:

  • Custom wallpaper backgrounds;
  • A "My Device" feature for teachers to register and customize their devices; and
  • Custom settings that permit administrators to enable or disable teacher functions.

The cloud-based TabPilot Tablet Manager system, which operates on most tablets running Android 4.0 or above, was designed specifically to help teachers and administrators keep students focused and on task in the classroom by controlling  the content on their devices. For instance, teachers can set up a secure testing environment that prevents students from accessing other apps or resources during on-line testing.

As an app distribution function, the system provides instructors with the ability to remotely install or remove apps from a group of devices, and each teacher can potentially have their own configuration of custom apps.

TabPilot offers a standard edition as well as individual product licenses and subscriptions. A free edition is also available as a single teacher account limited to two devices. For more details about editions and pricing, visit

 "As schools increasingly adopt Android tablets, easy and effective management of the tablets is essential so that teachers can maximize their instructional time," said TabPilot President Jarrett Volzer, in a prepared statement. "TabPilot also supports a secure testing environment by preventing students from accessing other apps or areas of the device during online testing such as Common Core Assessment or state standardized tests."

Georgia-based TabPilot Learning Systems offers TabPilot Tablet Manager, TabPilot Control Tower, and TabPilot Launch & Lock Student Tablet Interface for the Android platform. Visit for more information and a free trial.

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