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10 Apps for Introducing Math

Common Sense Media’s service Graphite, which offers independent ratings and reviews on learning apps and websites, has compiled this list of its top note-taking apps and websites. For complete reviews, and for each app’s "Learning Rating," visit the Graphite website.

Intro to Math1. Intro to Math, by Montessorium
Price:  $4.99
Concepts:  Numbers, applying information, motor skills
Grade Levels:  PreK-1
Kids can learn to recognize, write and understand numbers 0 to 9 with Intro to Math, by Montessorium. Activities that connect math concepts to real-world examples are designed to help kids develop thinking and reasoning skills. Read the full review.

Moose Math2. Moose Math - by Duck Duck Moose
Price:  $1.99
Concepts:  Counting, problem-solving, memorization
Grade Levels:  PreK-1
In Moose Math - by Duck Duck Moose, kids think mathematically as they try to build a town. Kids practice counting, addition and subtraction in a selection of Common Core-aligned games tied thematically to stores built in their towns. Read the full review.

Love to Count3. Love to Count by Pirate Trio
Price:  $3.99
Concepts:  Counting, sequences, solving puzzles
Grade Levels:  PreK-1
Love to Count by Pirate Trio gets kids to practice practical math skills they'll use in their day-to-day lives. Pirate-themed games about catching fish and getting treasure are designed to make learning math fun and engaging. Read the full review.

Motion Math4. Motion Math: Hungry Guppy
Price:  $3.99
Concepts:  Addition, decision-making, thinking critically
Grade Levels:  PreK-2
In Motion Math: Hungry Guppy, kids touch, drag and combine dots or number bubbles to make food for a hungry guppy. The app gives feeding hints, and kids advance as they feed the right amounts. Best used for one-on-one play. Read the full review.

Todo5. Todo K-2 Math Practice
Price:  Free
Concepts:  Counting, numbers, part-whole relationships
Grade Levels:  PreK-2
Designed with learning differences in mind (including kids with special needs), Todooffers Common Core-aligned math activities for a range of learners in preK-2 grade levels. The lack of student accounts and dashboard make this app useful for independent learning. Read the full review.

Playful6. Playful Minds: Math
Price:  Free
Concepts:  Money, patterns, motivation, academic development
Grade Levels:  K-2
Set on a tropical island, Playful Minds Mathis a game that teaches Common Core-aligned math skills. Tasks include counting, patterns, size comparisons, matching, number order and adding one more. Teachers or parents can track progress. Read the full review.

Bugs7. Bugs and Numbers
Price:  $2.99
Concepts:  Grouping, measurement, numbers
Grade Levels:  K-3
Bugs and Numbers is designed for insect-loving kids who will love learning math concepts from realistic-looking critters. The app covers multiple skills including basics such as counting money, telling time, fractions, measurements, sorting and matching. Read the full review.

Teachley8. Teachley: Addimal Adventure
Price:  Free
Concepts:  Arithmetic, counting, numbers
Grade Levels:  K-3
Teachley: Addimal Adventure takes kids through an adventure led by jungle “addimal” characters who help kids learn single-digit addition. By using addition strategies —counting one or all, doubles, tens and memory—kids can build a strong foundation of essential math skills. Read the full review.

Kodable9. Kodable Pro
Price:  Free, $6.99
Concepts:  Logic, sequencing, using and applying technology
Grade Levels:  K-5
Kodable introduces kids to the logic and concepts for computer programming. Engaging short videos and games slowly build on difficulty and complexity, keeping kids challenged but not overwhelmed as they master sequences. Read the full review.

Mystery10. Mystery Math Museum

Price:  $2.99
Concepts:  Arithmetic, strategy, problem-solving
Grade Levels:  1-6
In Mystery Math Museum, kids explore the quirky and cool rooms of museums to collect numbers. To move from room to room, they then use these numbers to complete math. There are eight different museums with different themes to discover. Read the full review.


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