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Sookasa Launches 'Compliance-as-a-Service' Tool

Sookasa has introduced Sookasa Cloud Compliance Service, a "compliance-as-a-service" tool that helps educational institutions maintain FERPA compliance by encrypting files on cloud services and mobile devices.

When faculty and staff use cloud services such as Dropbox or Google to store sensitive files, those files are duplicated across multiple devices and shared folders, creating challenges for FERPA compliance. "The accelerating Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) trend is expanding data leak and breach challenges, since sensitive data is being shared across a plethora of cloud-connected devices on a massive scale," said David Monahan, research director of security and risk management at Enterprise Management Associates, in a prepared statement.

Sookasa aims to help solve this problem by encrypting sensitive files and using cloud-based key management to restrict file access to authorized people. The process is transparent to the authorized users and lets them use cloud services on their mobile device more securely. Then, "even if an employee loses a device or mistakenly shares data with an unauthorized third party, the data is always protected since it remains encrypted," according to information from the company.

Key features of Sookasa Cloud Compliance Service include:

  • Self-service turnkey encryption and compliance;
  • Bank-grade AES 256-bit file encryption;
  • Cloud-based key management to restrict file access;
  • Dashboard for controlling and auditing access to data across users, devices and files;
  • Ability to revoke access permissions for any user or device in real time;
  • Transparent file encryption and auditing for end-users.

Further information about Sookasa Cloud Compliance Service can be found on the company's site.

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