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Edgenuity Adds Lesson Mastery Report To Improve Personalized Learning

Online curriculum provider Edgenuity has released a new Lesson Mastery report to help teachers monitor student progress by skill and standard to more effectively personalize instruction.

"Edgenuity's new Lesson Mastery report provides customizable access to student and class performance data across an entire course," according to a news release. "Teachers are able to view average assessment scores and metrics that indicate how challenging a particular topic was for their class, with the ability to also view data for individual students."

"Student performance data can be a powerful teaching tool," said Sari Factor, CEO of Edgenuity, in a prepared statement. "This approach transforms a static grade book into an interactive platform, enabling teachers to deliver more effective instruction. Edgenuity's educator tools, including the Lesson Mastery report, help teachers identify the strengths and weaknesses of students, analyzing the time and level of effort it takes for students to work through lessons and assessments so teachers can adjust their instruction appropriately."

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