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Edgenuity Adds Algebra I for Blended Classrooms

Edgenuity has released a new Algebra I course for blended classrooms.

"The full-year course focuses on the key areas of the Common Core model pathway for Algebra I and builds on the foundation established in middle grades by deepening students' understanding of linear and exponential functions, and developing fluency in writing and solving one-variable equations and inequalities," according to a news release.

Features include:

  • On-screen teachers thinking aloud to model problem solving;
  • Guiding questions for each lesson to promote inquiry and a focus on bigger ideas;
  • Interactive tools such as coordinate graphs, algebra tiles and equation solvers;
  • Animations, charts, diagrams and simulations; and
  • Performance tasks, designed to allow students to show understanding with real-world applications.

"Algebra is critical to student success in college and career because it sharpens essential reasoning skills," said Sari Factor, CEO of Edgenuity, in a prepared statement. "Our new Algebra I course raises the bar for accessibility, using multimedia and interactives to develop analytical problem-solving skills and to ensure mastery for students with a variety of learning styles."

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