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Atlanta Charter School Deploys Web-based Management Tool to Support Chromebooks

To help manage a new fleet of more than 200 Chromebooks, Hapeville Charter in Atlanta is using the browser-based AccessNow to tap into virtual desktops and provide access to applications and online testing programs.

Built in HTML5, the tool lets users at the schools access remote desktops, learning apps, End of Course Standardized Testing (EOCT), Criteria Reference Competency Tests (CRCT), and other Windows- and web-based software. Because it is browser-based, it also lets teachers work on different devices and operating systems from their students.

"We don't have enough room for everything in our building, especially the school's technology resources,” said Justin Ross, IT Administrator at Hapeville Charter in a statement. “With limited space and funds, we needed to find a creative solution for our high school students to optimize computer accessibility beyond the lab."

Hapeville is currently looking at several expansion projects using the tool. The first will allow teachers to access the county's student information system for attendance management. The other will further expand browser-based access to accommodate the needs of all students.

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Stephen Noonoo is an education technology journalist based in Los Angeles. He is on Twitter @stephenoonoo.