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WizIQ Offers Free MOOC on Online Teaching Skills

Online education platform WizIQ is now hosting Teachers Teaching Online (TTO), a massive open online course (MOOC). The self-paced, four-week course was created to help teachers develop the skills they need to be successful online teachers.

Created and overseen by Jason R. Levine, the free MOOC introduces participants to a variety of online teaching experts. It is designed for teachers with or without any previous experience in online teaching. The course enables participants to explore online learning tools and discover how to engage students in the virtual classroom. Participants will learn how to create, market and manage successful online courses and network with educators from all over the world.

TTO's workload includes live online classes, discussions on class and tutorial pages, and short quizzes to check understanding of material. Each live session consists of a different teacher demonstrating his or her skills and sharing online teaching experiences.

Live classes will be delivered via the WizIQ Virtual Classroom, and class recordings will be available for download. Participants will have lifetime access to class recordings and course content. Those who attend or watch at least four one-hour classes and do the accompanying assignments will receive certificates of participation.

For more details or to enroll, click here

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Christopher Piehler is the former editor-in-chief of THE Journal.