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zSpace STEM Lab Adds Real-Time Sharing, Physics Simulations, Virtual Circuitry Lab

zSpace has unveiled new software applications for its zSpace STEM Lab, an interactive, virtual education platform for K-12 students, at the ISTE 2014 conference in Atlanta, GA.

zSpace combines a specialized 24-inch high definition display with built-in tracking sensors with a PC and software that enables students to study science, technology, math and engineering topics, such as electricity and magnetism, and to conduct virtual experiments, such as building a robot. Students wear polarized passive 3D glasses and use a stylus that lets them interact with virtual objects in 3D.

According to the company, the zSpace STEM Lab "consists of 12 STEM stations, which include all of the necessary hardware, peripherals, education software and training, including professional development for teachers." The software is designed for multiple grade levels and subject areas. Teachers can personalize zSpace software activities by providing questions, creating hints, setting restrictions and customizing the appearance of components in the learning application environment.

New zSpace STEM Lab software applications include:

  • zView, which lets users share an immersive virtual experience with an audience in real time;
  • Newton's Park, which lets students build simulations, change gravity, stop and reverse time and gather data about the forces on the objects;
  • Franklin's Lab, which lets students build virtual circuits and electromagnets, troubleshoot motors and build the electrical components for their own virtual robot; and
  • zSpace Studio and Gallery, which includes more than 1,000 curated models to help students and teachers find content relevant to their subject area of interest.

Further information about the zSpace STEM Lab can be found on the company's site.

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