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OpenEd Launches Free Common Core Assessment-Creation Tool

K-12 educational resource catalog OpenEd now offers a free tool designed to enable teachers to create assessments with the question types required by the Common Core State Standards. OpenEd’s assessment-creation tool helps educators to create tests that incorporate their own questions or existing questions automatically suggested by OpenEd’s educational recommendation engine. The assessment tool supports traditional question types such as multiple choice and true or false, as well as newer types such as multiple response, free response and composite items.

The tool also allows teachers to associate resources with individual questions, so if students miss a question, OpenEd will automatically recommend videos or games they can use to achieve mastery.

With its catalog of standards-aligned videos and games (all curated by educators), OpenEd provides teachers and parents with a free tool to find videos, games and assessments that enliven lesson plans and aid students in class or at home.

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Christopher Piehler is the former editor-in-chief of THE Journal.